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Very frustrated and still waiting on my order!

My experience is not favorable. My first shipment was supposed to be two packages but only one was shipped. When I called about the missing package, a second shipment with the faucet was processed right away. Unfortunately, my second shipment is and continues to be stuck in US Customs. Two weeks ago I contacted Hudson Reed about the customs delay only to be told the release would be imminent. Last week I again contacted Hudson Reed because the package was still held by customs. I was told late last week that the customs paperwork was messed up and had to be redone. I am still waiting.
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    Reply from Hudson Reed USA


    Thank you for your review.

    I am sorry that this has not been resolved.

    I have mailed you personally with the findings for this issue.

    I would like to stress that 99% of our orders are received by the customer within the allotted delivery time.

    Kind regards
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