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Incomplete and faulty instructions added cost and time to the project

I was very excited to see the item when they arrived Most of the item were of quality and metal. Disappointing was some of item were plastic. The issue came when my plumber said there were missing seals for the adaptors that where supplied from Hudson Reed. They insisted “no, only use tape”. After two layers of tape as recommended by the plumbers guide and the item still leaked, Hudson requested photos. Photos were sent. They insisted on more tape and photos for they did not believe the item leaked. After 7 layers the units still leaked. YA! 10 layers of tape the solution, but the plumber said this will not last or a good solution. After review of the photos with seven layers of tape and a drip Hudson were to guarantee me my plumber’s time if they made the error. Still waiting! The topper was when they sent a photo of the part with an O-ring shown on the photo. I told them just reimburse my plumbers time I’m not waiting any longer I will go buy the O-ring. Currently, I can get threw by phone or a response to my emails.
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    Reply from Hudson Reed USA

    Good morning Steve

    We are really sorry that you have experienced a problem with your installation.

    As stated in our last message to you, this has been passed to the person responsible for Post Sales Experience and you will be contacted in the next few days to resolve this matter.

    Kind regards

    The Hudson Reed Team.
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