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Slow, terrible customer service, but great at making up excuses...

I ordered a Nikon lens (£1,000+) as ValueBasket was offering it cheaper than anywhere else (should have taken that for a warning). Was offered on the usual 10-days delivery, etc. Ordered at the end of March. After 3 weeks (and a lot of telephone and email exchanges) I was finally told the order would be "processed next week, so delivery the week after from Hong Kong" (ie. after 5 weeks). *From day one I had emphasised the importance to them of a speedy delivery, and that if they couldn't deliver Fast I would just cancel and order elsewhere*.
FINALLY they admitted they hadn't got any in stock (even though they took my money when I placed the order) and were trying to source one in Hong Kong (oh yes, also, it was a particularly busy time of year for them (March?) - sounds familiar to a number of other reviews here...).
Then they emailed and promised despatch "within 48 hours". After 49 hours and no despatch, I requested a refund. I was told this would be processed in a couple of days.
Over 2 weeks later, still no refund. I emailed them to say I was now demanding my money, plus interest, plus going to court for compensation, plus suing them for all the stress and the debilitating effects on my health - SURPRISE! - They refunded my money within 24 hours!!
Conclusion: 1) Don't order from them. 2) If you do, be prepared to work to get a refund if you need one. 3) In my opinion, they don't carry stock; they take your order (and money) and then scrabble around trying to source the cheapest supplier they can find to fulfil. If they're lucky, they manage it in a couple of weeks, if not, they trundle out the old "oh, it's our busy time of year" excuse.
They did OK from this - they had over £1,000 of my money in their bank account for almost 2 months. And kept the interest. They should be proud.
Unfortunately, on this review I cannot give '0' Stars.
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