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Unfulfilled and lied to

I ordered a new graphics card from the site because it was the cheapest place i could find it. I ordered it on the 3rd of january with a supposed 4-6 day delivery yet the estimated delivery was between the 9th and 11th

On the 7th i received an email telling me that I would not be receiving the card because the manufacturers of the card had a problem with production. This is a lie because the card is coming into more and more online retailers each day in large quantities.

So i ended up replying to the email saying i wanted a full refund. Lets hope they can stick by that...

Update: 10 days on and I still havent received my refund.
They were all too happy to take my money for something they never had, and then let it sit in their account for nearly 2 weeks. Very questionable practices. Avoid at all costs.
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