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The only thing I can say is avoid this company.
They are either inept or ripoff merchants or a bit of both. Like most people I ordered something in good faith for Christmas and paid for express delivery but the printer never appeared. It took until the 3rd or 4th phone call to the overseas call centre to be told it was out of stock and eventually to get a refund processed. What was a joke was that they couldn't transfer me to the cancellation dept as in between calls I'd done research and seen that some people had been waiting for months to get their money back.
To be honest I was actually surprised that I did get my money refunded otherwise I was in the process of setting up a small claim as one person had to in order to get their money back.
The only mitigating circumstances are that it was a very busy time of the year but this is the time they should have been on top of their game to ensure they improved their reputation but as it is they have probably irreparably damaged it.
To get the email asking me to rate the company before hearing anything or receiving my goods was the final straw!
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