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No reply until I flooded there servers with 700+ messages

Quick to take your money but when they changed delivery times I cancelled and 4 days later no refund or cancellation.
Then after flooding there messaging service with 700+ messages they email to say sorry item shipped.
I called UPS and they said item had not been collected only a label had been created.

After emailing again I got an apologetic email (part of it below) saying order would be cancelled and refund processed immediately. 4 hours later again no reply/refund and status unchanged.

This was part of an email received from one of there Managers:
"We can only apologise for the inconvenience caused in this matter , I fully understand your upset and this issue should have been resolved days ago"

Yet as said no confirmation the order is cancelled or refund.

I recommend everyone avoid this retailer. I am just glad that I ordered with my credit card as at least I can do a chargeback.
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