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Nightmare - no service, no communication - APPALLING - do not buy from this Company - UPDATED

UPDATE - 25th June, 2013. This review was removed for allegedly NOT including proof of purchase - however I did note the correct Invoice number which I have quoted on every communication with WAE+. 470-032-2053. I suggest that many of the reviews noted as removed through not having proof of purchase actually do have proof of purchase. These reviews cannot be impartial if the supplier is allowed to remove genuine reviews just because they are negative. I have subsequently been passed this - which may explain why this company removes perfectly legitimate - NEGATIVE reviews - http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/shut-down-wae-plus-for-conning-millions-of-online-shoppers

ORDER STATUS UPDATE - I called WAE+ on Monday 24th June and they advised that they had cancelled my order number 470-032-2053 and that I could expect a refund "any day." Let's see what happens...

I ordered an unlocked mobile phone on June 10th - this is a transcript of a complaint sent yesterday no response. I called "customer service" to chase the response and am informed that "management" do not have phone numbers. No possibility at all of speaking to anyone in authority. Reading other reviews below, this seems to be a common occurance. This is a disgrace and I am now going to contact trading standards as they are a UK Company.....
I have just called your customer service number to track an order that I placed with you on June 10th. I did not receive an email confirmation when I placed the order and it took a call some days later for Lewis to acknowledge the order and send the confirmation.

As I have not received any further communication from you and the handset was due for delivery today I thought it appropriate to call your customer services to check on progress – to say that I am disappointed with the response is an understatement:

1) On hold for half an hour before the call was taken.
2) I was casually informed that my “new” delivery date was between 27th – 29th June.
3) When I asked why so long, I was informed that because your prices are so cheap the cheapest delivery option is arranged??????
4) I questioned this as a ridiculous statement because nothing can take 19 days to be delivered.
5) I was then informed that because of a “glitch” my order had not actually been placed, but that it now has (presumably this is the same glitch that stops emails coming through to your customers unless they actually ring in to you?)

I do not accept AT ALL that you can hang on to a customers money indefinitely until the customer happens to ring in, and only then actually place the order. You have had my money for ten days and I have planned for that handset to be in use – in the field – from Monday next week. What sort of service is this and what sort of attitude to treat your customers with such casual indifference? I do not accept that a glitch prevented you placing my order and now having done so, I do not accept that I have to wait 9 more days for a handset to arrive from Germany when it can be sent and delivered within 24 hours from anywhere in Europe.

You have had the money for ten days. It is your mistake that you did not place the order and I will now be seriously inconvenienced and have to buy another handset from a shop because this one will not be in field use next week. Not good enough by a long shot....

Please ensure that the order I placed 10 days ago is fulfilled before Monday. I expect delivery by Monday 24th June at the absolute latest and I would like confirmation from you that it will be.

Please respond urgently and treat this complaint as a priority.

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