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Shocking! Do not use!

On the 6th of June I ordered a VU Solo box and was told it would be delivered between 10-12 days. On day 12 I called the company and was told it would be up to another 9 days but could come anytime. After another week of this I decided I'd waited long enough and cancelled only to be told a refund would take 30 days. It's now been over a month and I'm still waiting on my money back.

I wish I would have read these reviews before ordering!

I've now received a reply telling me that i will receive my refund within 30 days of receiving my cancellation on the 1st of July. This is despite the fact I have an email from them dated 26th of June telling me they have received my cancellation request.

Apparently receiving my cancellation on the 26th of July isn't good enough. The cancellation wasn't PROCESSED until the 1st July they are saying. This is a complete joke. I can go online and transfer money in an instant but this company don't deliver orders and then won't return your money.


Please don't use this company. It's not worth the hassle. Will keep you guys updated when I finally get my refund.

06/06 Ordered Box Due to be delivered between the 18/20
26/06 Cancelled Order
01/07 Cancellation Processed

27/07 Awaiting refund. My 30 days are up on the 1st of August. Lets see if it arrives by then......

It's now the 5th August and still no refund...... I was told to e-mail the management to speed up the refund. I did 5 days ago. No reply.

I HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM MY HOLIDAYS TO FIND I STILL HAVE NO REFUND ALMOST TWO MONTHS SINCE CANCELLING! From tomorrow I shall be calling the company twice a day until refunds are received. E-mailing is useless as you simply receive useless automated replies.

Just called the company and been told its been escalated by management and accounts. When I told them it was escalated a month ago I was simply told "That's all I can do sir"

I'm not holding my breath!

It's now been over two months since I cancelled and almost three months since they took my money and still nothing. I have now gone to my bank and I'm awaiting forms in the post to do a chargeback and recover the money that way.
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