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Don't have anything to do with this bunch of clowns - updated

This is the abridged version!!
Placed and order for a NAS drive on 9th June. was told to expect delivery within 7 days, after 7 days nothing.
My order status was "allocated ". I wasn't happy about the delay so rang to cancel. Apparently i couldn't because "allocated" means out for delivery so it was on its way.
A week later still nothing and another request by me to cancel the order and another refusal by WAE+ to do so at it was out for delivery.
By the 28th June and still with no NAS drive i rang WAE+ again and found someone with some sense. I explained what had happened and he canceled my order and sent me an e-mail to say that i would be getting a refund.
It is now 30 days after the order cancellation and i still don't have a refund. I have now e-mailed them to explain that they are in breach of the distance selling regulations - next step is small claims court.
Please, please, please do not deal with this bunch of clowns unless you can afford to have your patience stretched to the limit and be out of pocket for 2 months - anyone who holds you to ransom by saying that an order status of "allocated" means an item is out for delivery needs a serious system overhaul and doesn't understand how a supply chain works
Once i had canceled my order i placed an order for the same item with another well know computer retailer based in Sheffield chose the cheapest postage option and had the item within 3 days.

I'm going to sound like a like a line out of Scooby Doo here - but "take heed of my warning or suffer the consequences"

Trust pilot have just asked me to confirm that i'm genuine when i inputted the order number as a pre-requisite for posting - someone is trying to get these reviews taken down
Just had a refund from my bank - good old Visa.
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