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!!! Genuine fraudsters !!!

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then you think again BEFORE making any purchase with them. You may be lucky but if don't (as I was twice!) they will rip you off, leave you with no delivery for months, then very likely damaged/incomplete/grey import item arrive and if you lucky again - you'll get your money back.

Bought netbook in April 2013 (£860). After 4 weeks received german laptop. Copy-paste excuses. They wanted it back prior to sending UK spec but never received one. Finally refunded.
Bought same one again (idiotically trusting in what they said about theirs supplier mistake), same nothing for 6 weeks, standard copy-paste apology from Gary Prestell (Complaints Controller) then they forced me to cancel the order if I want my money back as netbook is out of stock. Awaiting full refund...

Worst experience with purchase in my entire life.
Support me and others and sign petition to shut down those criminals at:
change.org (search for WAE+)
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