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My first experience ... a total disaster

I'm terribly disappointed from my first Wayfair experience as the order I received today is a pure disaster.

Let's start with a phone call from their help desk on Thursday the 25th in which their operator was checking the finishing of the desk and the bedside table as the details weren't for some reasons appearing in the order.
I confirmed the entire bedroom to be shipped in white and pink finish; the operator acknowledged the fact stating that it was clear from the bed and the wardrobe but her phone call was just to double check the selection.

Today the 29th of October we have received the packages. Parts of the packets were visibly damaged and as a result of this the most important part of the order, the mirrored door of the wardrobe is broken. The glass is cracked and a lot of piece are missing (perhaps lost in the tiny cardboard that is wrapping the item). No protective film was layering the mirror. Even Ikea that is renowned for their cheap stuff are used to wrap their glasses with such a protective layer.
For what I can see the mirrored door was exposing the mirror on the external side, thus making the glass easy to be broken because everything could bump into the external part of the packet during the storaging or loading/unloading operation.

As the total assembling process will require some time, I decided to give the easiest thing a go. So I unpacked the bedside table with a surprise: the finishing is white and taupe rather than white and pink ordered. Very frustrating indeed.

Because of the total discomfort, I decided to have a look at the desk ... same wrong finish.

Carrying on with the check, it looks the bed is fine at least, but what about the mattress support? How can the mattress be supported without wood slates or a metal midbeam?
I can't imagine the mattress to fly!!
On the order page anything was stated on this regard, so I assume the bed to come with everything except the mattress which clearly is not part of the order.

So in the end, out of 4 items, all of them are either wrong or broken which means I can't use at all.

I have already submitted a replacement order, but considering the situation I will be more than happy they to come and take everything away providing me with a full refund, which should include also the expense I imagine I have to pay for the courier to come here and take the items back.

The funny thing is that I decided to go for Wayfair as reading the review of another online shop, the latter was having wrong commentaries and reviews. So we decided to pay £40 more to be sure of a "proper" service. What a shame!!!
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