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Hidden terms, charging extra

We have purchased an eBay logo design service see: eBay listing 290603538834 but when we requested to have a character with one hand displaying in one hand money and other hand cash we got a reply from Web Core Design: "We can develop a character design for an additional $139 or £87.21 for one revisable sample.

If you wish to proceed you can make payment via PayPal to: DELETED for an immediate start where a questionnaire will be sent upon receipt of payment. NOTE: Please click the “Personal” tab then check “Personal payment owed” within the PayPal send page. This will ensure no fees are applied for receiving your payment."

Even the payment method which they asked to be paid is to ensure that payment could not be reserved if not happy with the service. Furthermore [name removed] has claimed their terms were clearly displayed on eBay but there was none! See: Our terms are clearly displayed in our listing as shown in our screenshot attached to our previous email which also highlights refund conditions. This information is also shown on our website for your clarification: http://webcoredesign co uk / terms.htm - this term was only available on his/their site but no mention anywhere within the eBay listing. We requested a refund after realising we were dealing with a unscrupulous company and advised them we would take court action. [name removed] replied: We regret that you have taken this stance to respond in such a manner though we do wish you the very best in business. We can't recommend this terrible company and hope others won't get ripped off as we did!!
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    This we feel was a very unfortunate circumstance.

    The project entailed receiving a specific brief which asked of us to develop a corporate style logo design. After considerable work was put into the said project and samples were delivered, the client chose to request Cartoon Character Design which was not part of the purchased package.

    This is clearly noted in our terms viewable at: http://tinyurl.com/6x5qm22 This image was passed to the client for clarity.

    We kindly informed the client that we could continue to offer non-cartoon character samples or we could offer the requested character design for an additional £87.21 as stated. Character design costs considerably more to cover the time and effort to draw and render - which was explained to the client.

    Despite forwarding screenshots of our terms relating to cartoon character design after the client placed a complaint in reply to our request for further funds, he insisted that our terms did not exist despite them being clearly presented.

    It was with deep regret that we had to sever ties with this client upon receipt of his hastily written correspondence which detailed in-depth threats against us and associated false claims in a bid to tarnish our otherwise impeccable reputation.

    Further information relating to this review is available upon request.

    Daniel Evans
    Project Manager
    Webcore Design
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