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Macbook Pro Damaged while testing. Farnborough Hampshire store

I recently decided to sell my 2 year old Macbook Pro. On the Saturday night I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled the apple operating system. It was working perfectly. On Sunday I took it to the Farnborough store. I was told it would be tested and I would be called Monday Morning. I waited all Monday and no phone call. On Tuesday morning, I went to the store. My Macbook was on a 'bench' (about 4ft long) with loads of stuff pilled on it and the box strewn on the floor. The whole testing area was a mess!!
When I was served I was told the Macbook had failed and there was loud clicking from the disk drive.

I have since had the Macbook fixed and two engineers said it must have been dropped. Accidents happen and i get that but the fact they tried to cover it up and insult my intelligence is breathtaking!!

Never again will I use these people and will continue to warn potential customers, as they come through my shop. Big mistake Boys!!
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    Reply from CeX

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the review.

    This does sound pretty bad. Could you possibly let us know more? I'd like to look into this for you.


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