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Sold them a fully working phone... told me that it doesn't work and offer me less.

I've got a feeling that CEX will rip off customers whenever they get the chance.
I sold them a perfectly working iPhone 4, aside from a few scratches its been working great for the last 2 years!

I sent them the phone with charger and they tell me that the home button doesn't work when I know for a fact it worked perfectly fine when I sent it to them.

Now they are offering me half the amount that was originally offered.

Avoid CEX at all costs, they will rip people off if given the chance and worst of all, get away with it!

I've heard dodgy things about Cex from others such as, they purposely damage a phone themselves whilst knowing they can fix it and make more money from it themselves because they charged the customer who sold it less than the original asking price.

Always send you items in a box if you can and take photos or video for evidence of the condition of your product. This would act as proof it works before selling it to them.

Avoid these at all costs, in fact don't deal with them online, sell a product in person instead its much safer.
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    Reply from CeX

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the review.

    Our testers have an in depth method of testing all items that come to us, checking both the functionality and aesthetic of any item. We do ensure we contact customers who sell to our website, and inform them of any price change that may happen.

    I'm sorry if you feel we treated you unfairly. We have absolutely no intention of doing so.

    Kind regards,

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