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Better than Magpie!

I tried selling items with yourselves and Music Magpie. On the whole WeBuyBooks is a much better service:
1. You accept a wider range of media (cds, books, games, DVDs)
2. You seem to offer a slightly higher price for them.
3. Your turnaround time is much faster (money is already in my bank whereas Magpie haven't even checked my items.

What Magpie do better:
1. The app to scan barcodes is a massive timesaver. If you had one of these then you'd be leading the way.
2. You don't accept all items. I understand the reasoning but if I've got a load of things to sell I'd be tempted to sell them all (at a lower item rate) for a higher total return. Something to look into.
3. Royal Mail is fine and actually really easy for me. However, courier services like Connect+ (where you can send things via newsagents and supermarkets) are clearly more convinient as they are open longer and usually easier to get to. Magpie offer these and it's something you might benefit from.

Anyway. Thanks for the great service. I hope these comments help you make it even better!

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