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Nightmare! Will never order again!

I ordered a Bed via Worldstore last week and it was supposed to be on next day delivery, which was Friday, I have just moved into a house and I have been sleeping on the floor so was looking forward to having a bed sorted for the weekend. However, little did i know that excitement would be shattered! And 4 days of frustration was beginning! The tracking website didnt get updated until 12noon to say deliver would be between 4.30 and 7.30 - not the 8 - 6 I was previously advised. If I had known this i could have actually gone to work and not taken the day off at all. I did get a call about 4.55 asking if i was in and 10 minutes later the van turns up ... a plain white grubby looking van with no logos on it! My friend that was here assisted bringing the boxes and mattress in as 1 of the delivery men never even got off the van to help! And then I was told only 2 of the 3 boxes for the bed frame were on the van, i asked why and when i was to expect the last box and i was told it will be on a van coming later that day - a clear but very well rehearsed lie! I was then pushed to sign for the delivery so they could leave which i wasnt happy to do as it wasnt all there, he reluctantly changed the figure on the form to 2 and said he would park up properly and make a call for me so I stupidly signed and surprise surprise he just drove off! I called him back (had his number as he called me before arriving) and he said he would text me his managers number. He did this and I called but it went straight to voicemail, no response was ever received to the message I left and the depot number on all the emails just rang out, after 5.30pm I gave up and tried contacting Worldstore but they only accept post sales queries via email and you dont get a response the next day despite what the automatic reply says. The end result what that i went the whole weekend having no idea if or when i would recieve the last box - I am still sleeping on the floor. I managed finally to contract Worldstore on the Monday using a number I found online and someone was looking into it for me but were not getting any commitment from XDP on when I would get the delivery, just that they would try and delivery the next day (Tuesday). So here I am another day off and it is now 12noon and i still dont have my box. Worldstore contacted me at 9.15 as promised and said the XPD said they were loading the van but still wouldnt confirm a delivery time, I was then given a number for XPD to call if I needed too but I was told they should be calling me directly to say it is on its way. XPD never called me. So I have just called them on the number provided, I explained the situation and was told they couldnt help me as I shouldnt have this number and I should go back via Worldstore. I explained that it is them that messed up my delivery, it is their delivery man that was rude and unhelpful and it is them that has my box so why cant she tell me where it is. She said no and she would be contacting Worldstore to tell me. I have heard nothing since! From either XPD or Worldstore. I tried calling Worldstore again and couldnt get through, on hold on an 0844 number is not what you want when you have already wasted £200 on an incomplete bed.

I have never known service like it and as a contractor myself this has now cost me 2 days money as well as the cost of the bed and I still have no idea what is happening.

My biggest fear is that I wont ever get the last box as yesterday the tracking site updated to say all barcodes delivered which is clearly not true - so will i ever get my final box. I will let you know if it happens!

I will not be using Worldstore again.

Order ref - WS0041025
Consignment number - ZWAZYC011305
Barcode of missing box - ZWAZYC011305002
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    Reply from Worldstores

    Dear Kim,

    Thank you for your review. I am really sorry to hear that your product was delivered incomplete and for the poor customer service you have received. I am especially sorry for the trouble you had with the delivery team. I can assure you that we will be raising this with our carriers to make sure this driver is re-trained. In the meantime I will be in touch to discuss your order and make sure all problems are resolved.

    Kind Regards
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