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Order BW0154076

Firstly, the products are good, but the delivery and customer service is aweful. i have made numerous attempts to contact you regarding missing parts, i have requested two call backs, and sent three emails through the website, no one responds, no one calls, and no one wants to help.

i ended up buying the missing parts - a whole set of nuts, bolts and screws out of my own money in the end. But to top it all off, the courier was an absoulute JOKE - see below.

Letter i wrote to (no response)

I have spoken to your head office, various people on three different occasions, and each time I’ve been told that someone will call me back regarding this complaint. I’m very annoyed that I have now been forced to waste my time again in writing you an email.

There are a few elements to the complaint. –

1. The delivery was 1 hour 20mins outside of the delivery slot, which meant I had to have someone on site to wait for the delivery for nearly 6 hours which I had to pay for. I called the number on the email – 07596831761 to ask why my delivery was late. I was told it was running 15mins late, so I waited. Nothing, so called again, told another 15mins, and waited, and nothing. I called back to be told to stop calling and was hung up on. When I called back, no one picked up. I left 4 voicemails. No one replied to any of them.

2. When the delivery finally arrived, the driver said that he had an accident, and paint had spilled all over his van and all over my delivery. He told me I could refuse the delivery at this point. i was so tired and angry from waiting and so we assessed the situation. The paint had spilled on the outer boxes of my beds and on 1 mattress on the plastic cover. The driver removed the plastic from the matress and I inspected it, and it had no paint on the actual mattress.

3. I personally removed all items from the van myself. The driver did not take anything out of the van. I never asked him to, nor did I ask him to help me. So that’s ok

4. When we counted all the items, I mentioned that there was an item missing, a headboard, and we had an extra bed frame. I counted all the boxes which were in my hallway at this point, and noticed he had given me an extra headboard which wasn’t for me. I told him to wait outside, and he came in, at this point, he brought into MY HOUSE, two massive footprints of white paint onto my dark purple carpet, and only my hallway parquet wooden floors. I asked him to step outside and that hes put paint on my carpet. He apologised and said I should call the headoffice.

5. I immediately called the mobile number above and no one picked up. At this stage I was FURIOUS, as YOUR driver was 1 hour 20mins OUTSIDE of the allocated 4 HOURS DELIVERY slot, and then got paint all over my NEW carpet in my new home.

6. I called the following morning, to be told exactly – “what do you want me to do about it, I obviously cant, im very busy, stop calling this number” and the guy put the phone down. I called back immediately and asked why he hung up on me, and I was told, “im sorry, im too busy for this, what do you want me to do”

7. The fact that you as a company have been rude, unorganised, driving dangerously for a pot of paint to explode, keep clients waiting, speak to people as if they were a nuisance, and then NOT to take my complaint seriously? I have never in my life heard of such a ridiculous operation. It was almost like a wind up joke at that stage.

8. The next day the rest of the delivery was being sent to me, so I received another email saying your product is out for delivery, and so I rang up, no one answered. I went back on site, waitied, and waited and waited, and this time the delivery was 1hour 40mins late outside of its allocated delivery time. I don’t know if you understand what it feels like to wait in an empty house for a delivery, not knowing if its coming or not, but I left 5 voicemails on the number above and NO ONE got back to me.

9. I have contacted your headoffice on this matter, and no one has got back to me, I have been told a regional manager will call, no one did. I don’t understand why you want to treat your clients like this?

10. I have had to spend £35 on supplies to remove the paint from my house that your company as an act of vandalism did to my property. I want this refunded immediately. Please arrange for the refund to be processed immediately. Please contact me for my payment details. I am not going to keep calling, because your customer service team don’t care about your business.


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    Reply from Worldstores

    Dear Vimal,

    Thank you for your review. I am sorry about the problems you have experienced with the customer service and delivery. I will be in touch shortly to discuss the issues and will also chase up a response from XDP to your letter.

    Kind Regards
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