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Awful haven't delivered the full order

Just appalling! I've had no end of issues with this company having ordered a rattan garden furniture set nearly 2 weeks ago on a "next day" delivery service! As it now stands I'm left with 6 garden chairs, a parasol but no table! Keep getting fobbed off by both garden furniture world and their abysmal courier service XDP! The table is now out of stock and i have requested a full refund and collection of the chairs and parasol! Won't even go into the other issues such as initial delay in dispatch, taking money for items not actually in stock and the original table being smashed at the delivery depot!!! Truly awful do not go near this company!! I await with interest their response to my request for collection of part of the dining set which was delivered!

Update: So I've had numerous emails and telephone calls with customer service apologising and arranging collection of the chairs and parasol today (Tuesday), can't fault customer service in their responses, except for one is now Tuesday at 7.30pm and I have had no collection!!' Unbelievable! I contacted them at 5.45pm enquiring as to why I've had no collection as promised and the lady told me she would contact the courier and find out where they are, why it's not been collected! Within a minute (abit too quickly i think!) she called back to say courier is definitely down to collect today and I'm probably one of the last ones! Feel like I'm being fobbed off all the time and they won't issue a refund until they receive the goods back! So whilst the goods aren't getting collected they're happily sitting on my £656!! I have now wasted 4 days leave with this and am so upset! Upset with myself that I ordered from them in the first place.
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    Reply from Worldstores

    Dear Paula,

    I am truly sorry to hear of all the problems you’ve encountered with this order. I’ve been looking into what’s happened and will contact you shortly to put this right for you.

    Kind Regards

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