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An excellent website completely spoilt

Looking at the website, I was completely at ease with the products, the manner at which they and the owners were portrayed and therefore after being informed that the item was in stock, ordered a new driver at a reasonable price of around £200. Great so far, confirmation given, money paid no problem, just sat back and waited for delivery. Four days later, account still says 'processing', so I sent an email asking when the driver was to be dispatched, only to be informed it wasn't even in stock yet, but would be arriving next day.

Now, I'm a reasonable person, but I was definitely not happy. IF I had been told that the driver wasn't in stock, but would be available in about 4-5 days, I would have been happy enough to wait, BUT WHAT I CANNOT ACCEPT is being lied to. A perusal of other reviews on here show that this is a common complaint about 118. Why do they not understand that honesty and integrity are the backbone of any business (I know from my own businesses and experience). Customers will not come back when you so obviously tell lies. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET SOMEWHERE.

The issue is not with the free delivery or delivery time, but quite simply the fact that I was told the driver was in stock when it was not. I am happy with the purchase, but your site does state in more than one area, that a purchaser will be informed when an item is not in stock. This did NOT happen and that , along with your website stating that the item was in stock when it was NOT is the point I am trying to make.
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    Good Morning Brian,

    On behalf of 118Golf, I would like to apologise if you were not happy with your purchase from us, although I think I should point out that you ordered your product with free delivery which states it will generally take between 3-7 working days for it to arrive with you. Your product was ordered on the 11th March, and was delivered and signed for on the 5th working day (18th March), and so is well within the stated delivery time, and so I am not too sure where the issue with this order has occurred.
    Kind Regards
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