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Avoid like the plague

In my opinion, the poorest customer satisfaction driven company period!!!!!
It started by me ordering three pair of golf shoes with an estimated delivery of 5-7 days. After 9 days, I contact their customer service department, only to be told, sorry but one pair is out of stock, what would I like to do.....a different colour, same type...fine with only the slightest hint of an apology about lack of communication. Got them a couple of days later. Only problem is....one pair wrong size and the size I was looking for out of stock. Contact customer services and they arrange to get the shoes picked up but only after me complaining the fact it was their fault. Asked if I could get a different kind instead, but this confused them.....why?...I have no ides. Again no apology for the way they handled this order.
Poor show with very poor customer service.
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    Reply from www.118golf.co.uk

    Hi Steve

    Apologies that you don't feel we handled your order very well, we dont always get it right but as you can see from the reviews from other customers we do on most occasions. I beleive that all outsatnding issues on you order have now been resolved, but if you have any further issues please let me know.


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