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Early in October I bought an Epson Printer from this Company as mine was getting old and not "behaving properly" any more.
It had given superb service for years, hence I opted for Epson again.
I could not find the model to replace it that I wanted locally, and against my normal practice bought one sight unseen from them.
To be fair delivery was prompt, as promised, and it wasa little cheaper than some retail stores........or so it appeared at first!!
I waited for my normal Service Engineer to install it when he came to do some other work for me a few days ago.
From word go it would not print black, indeed the cartridge check indicated that the black one was at best three quarters full at fitment.
An e-Mail to the company elicited a response, but everything suggested had already been tried to no avail.
A follow-up asking for any other advice brought no further reply.
* It is interesting to note that at delivery the box looked as though it had been opened and re-sealed, and moreover the "compatible" cartridges supplied were NOT genuine ones, and comparison with the genuine ones subsequently they seem to be rather poor copies - even the container is a simplified design, and they don't "click" when installed as they're supposed to.
A number of places I asked assure me that Epson only supply their own with new printers, and, of course, recommend their use. For good reason, as it transpired.
Before contacting Epson for further assistance, on the advice of the engineer I then went to a local retail outlet and purchased a pack of genuine Epson cartridges.
The problem was solved at a stroke once these were installed.
This experience has reinforced my not buying "cheap" or unseen from distance - it's actually cost me quite a lot more than if I had travelled to a less local retail outlet in the first place, and the inconvenience of being unable to use it for several days whilst trying to sort things out.
Luckily the old printer soldiered on in the meantime.
It's also seems rather odd, too, that a set of genuine cartridges for the printer are available from this company.
My lesson is learned, (I should have known better anyway!), and in future I'll certainly continue with my usual policy of buying only genuine articles for anything, preferably from a local retail outlet - especially printer inks! Even if they are (appear!) slightly more expensive in the first instance.
Buy cheap - buy twice - with the chance they may not work, as in this case, or worse still harm the machine, and then in all likelyhood invalidate the guarantee.
Sadly, I have not experienced the good service others appear to have dealing with this Company.
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