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Oh how I wish I had read these reviews before buying...

It has taken over 6 weeks to get an incomplete (and therefore useless) vegetable container for a Bosch fridge from 4ourhouse.

•I ordered the part on 24 Jan. It arrived on 13 Feb.
•It came without the front panel…
•I spoke to one of their assistants and asked for everything required to make it usable.
•I received an email on 20 Feb advising me of the part required which I received on 22 Feb.
•It came without the fittings to make it usable…
•Today (2 Mar) 4ourhouse have advised me they can’t find the part I need.

I phoned Bosch who identified the part immediately. They also checked to see if I needed anything else.

I still can't decide whether 4ourhouse are completely untrustworthy and money-grubbing or complete imbeciles. Either way, these are not characteristics of a sound commercial enterprise.

Lessons learnt for me: 1. I will never use this company again. 2. I will check out ‘unknowns’ on this website before I order.
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