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Good but not perfect!!

Achica is mostly great. The offers are always interesting and usually dangerously tempting (!) They often offer fantastic, high value products that you've drooled over but not been able to afford with fantastic discounts which means that now you can. However, I also really like that they offer products from newer, smaller companies that I've often never heard of before.

A point - you can often (though not always) find the products on sale cheaper elsewhere (I discovered this when their payment site went down and I was looking to get a couple of products I really wanted online - where I found them considerably cheaper on Amazon!!!)

The only real downer for me is their Customer Service. I HATE that you can't talk to anyone and can only communicate through a very cumbersome internet dialogue. I have had cause to return a few items and the refund process has been TOTAL CRAP - often waiting for months and months for my refund with no notification that it's been sent - or that it hasn't! The fact that I couldn't talk to anyone was INFURIATING and made me so angry that I stopped using the site completely for a while. I now only order things that I feel confident I want and no longer take chances on items that I just think I will like. If I have any more problems with their rubbish Customer Service then I am likely to delete the site from my computer and stop using it once and for all. Achica - I have read similar complaints about you all over the internet. I am pretty sure you are losing loads of business because of this SO PLEASE LISTEN AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT QUICKLY.
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    Thank you for taking the time to review your recent experience with ACHICA.
    We are working tirelessly to improve our Customer Support and we are glad to hear you are still shopping with ACHICA.
    If at any point you require a telephone call an ACHICA agent will be more than happy to contact you via this method.
    If you have any outstanding issues you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk.
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