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Are Achica really bad or just grossly incompetent?

1. I placed an order with Achica (via my daughter) on 16th February for a load of furniture which I intended to take to France to furnish a house before summer guests came. I paid by card a £4-digit amount which Achica deducted from my account with alacrity. Delivery was promised for mid-March, which was no problem.
2. The estimated delivery date came and went. But because it was only estimated, we cut Achica a little slack.. On 19th April we went back to them to get a firm delivery date, and were told that because it was a big order, it took slightly longer to consolidate, but it would soon be ready. On the evidence and with the benefit of hindsight, this appears in Achica-speak to mean the more good you order and the bigger the amount paid, the lower the quality of service Achica feels committed to provide.
3. By early June (and with summer guests imminent) we were getting worried. We chased again. We were told that the items were to arrive at Achica's delivery agent on 10th June, and we would be contacted for a delivery date within 5 working days.
4. Fat chance - nothing happened.
5. So we chased again on 26th June to be told on 29th June by the customer service lady (clearly skilled in soft answers turning away wrath) that she would find out and get back to us on Monday 1st July. Were we naïve to expect this to happen? Of course we were - not a dickey bird.
6 So we chased again on 4th July (maybe Independence Day means something to someone at Achica). Now they tell us they are contacting the manufacturer about delivery. HELLO - (1) was that not Achica were meant to do when they took my money way back in February, and (2) wh\at happened with that delivery into delivery agent warehouse promised for 10 June?.
7. We were also told we would be updated with 48 hours. That was 4 days ago and, true to Achica form we are still waiting.
8. So to sum up: Achica have had my £4-digit payment for an order placed over 4 1/2 months ago for delivery over 31/2 months ago, with no delivery to date, no immediate prospect of delivery and no explanation. And I am left to bear the consequences of disgruntled guests without their furniture.
9. So are Achica really bad or just grossly incompetent? I know what I think
10. This message goes on the website because the Achica business model does not provide a proper means of escalation of justified consumer complaints, and this is the only way to register dissatisfaction and, hopefully, provoke a response. This site appears to carry positive messages. But I am not alone in having problems - just look up the correspondence about Achica on the website.
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