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Don't touch them with a bargepole -Read this and be warned

I have a had a very bad experience from Achica.

I have ordered a bookcase, a TV "dream" stand and a side table.

Overall, the furnitures arrived late as Achica said they wanted to check that everything was in order. The furnitures arrived without instructions. I have asked Achica for the instructions but no-one at seem to be able to provide me with them and no-one seems to bother (they only reply with pre-filled email).
Therefore, I have hired a professional company to assemble the furniture (Zeenish Construction) as I did not feel able to do it myself (although I am a IKEA regular) and they were able to assemble neither the bookcase not the TV stand.

Side Table
- Arrived broken in 2 pieces, they told they could not replace it but they will pick it up and reimburse me. They did pick it up but still waiting to be reimbursed!

- no instructions
- panels are not mirror image of each others
- backing shelves don't fit into the slot
- screw are missing (40 at least)
- there is a slot where there should not be as it is supposed to be where the doors go
- no marking for door hinges
- 3 extra shelves that do not belong to the bookcase

TV Dream Stand
- more than 30 pieces with no instructions, we did not even try to assemble it given the disaster of the bookcase

I do hope they will pack and pick up the furnitures and reimburse me fully including the professional company. I will keep you posted. As you can imagine all of this has taken a lot of my time and money!

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