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Terrible service - worst of all they advertised branded items and sent a cheap and nasty alternative with no communication!

If I could reduce the star rating to 0 I would happily do so.

I simply do not understand how Achica are still I'm business. Their customer service is appalling, and if you have a problem, there is no customer service centre to call and resolve the matter. My order was a a complete catalogue of disasters and I would recommend anyone to think twice before placing am order. The products look enticing and of great value, but BE WARNED, you do not receive those products, and it takes over 1 month for achica to send you the wrong items. Here is a breakdown of my shopping experience:

- ordered 3 items
- first item arrived fairly promptly but as soon as I opened it I noticed that the item was made of metal when the online description said glass.
- the returns policy states that you need to PAY for any returns
- I complained (via email and EVENTUALLY) they agreed that this was an error on their part and that arranged a collection
- 2nd item arrives over 2 weeks later (a month from when the initial order as placed)
- I ordered a BODUM branded item and the receipt clearly states that I purchased a BODUM item
- however I actually received a non- branded cheap and nasty version of the item (I googled the item and this was worth a fraction of the cost of the BODUM item that I actually ordered.
- this change was made with no communication from the company
- I cancelled my third order as I was quite sure it would not match the description of what I actually ordered.


I'm considering legal action

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