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Even the top rated sellers are scammers!!!

I was looking for a bulb adaptor which apparently was not on offer anywhere in the world but on Aliexpress (nor the appropriate bulb size). I chose a seler with over 98% positive rating (probably mostly faked, as I think now (as the 5-stars reviews here, btw)). And guess what.... received a trash (wrong size). The policy of this website is YOU as the buyer have to PROVE YOU RECEIVED RUBBISH. How do you measure diameter of a small electronic device where every mm matters? You need quite specialized tools for this. Surely every Chinese has plenty of them at home. Unfortunately, not me. I wasn't able to find any specialized service to do it properly and the "dispute" (after the seller just denied anything is wrong with his "product") was, of course, REJECTED. And even if I was successfull, guess what - another Chinese specialty! - you get NO REFUND for shipping costs of sending the trash back!! Another detail: when trying to leave appropriate feedback, the website claims I have entered special/Chinese (!) characters! What the F*CK!!! And no way to contact Help Center either - whatever question you choose, "sorry, the help is not available" for it.
STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE, unless you love to loose you money, your temper and your time.
Store No. 800238, Made In China( Tony) is SCAM.

ANSWER TO Vi Graythorn (I can't answer in my own threat without logging in to the f*cking fb..?!)
The 1st statement was an attempt at irony (maybe not that successful ;)), while in the other I had in mind the opposition between the "western world" where the seller pays for the shipment of any rubbish they sell you, and this fabulous website which first requires you to PROVE something is wrong and then you get the mercy of being able to send the trash ON YOUR COST. I've never seen such practice anywhere except this treacherous website which happens to be Chinese. Hence, I'm not taking back that statement and I don't care whether any Chinese will be offended by it. If they were so righteous, they'd close this website at the first place as it certainly doesn't do them a good PR.
And there's sadly been a continuation to this farce. Though I requested my account to be cancelled after that experience, I have recently received some "messages" from "sellers" to my email address!
Try to find a single positive detail in this website. There isn't any, it's the most blatant scam from top to bottom.
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