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There is a tactic for buying from this website.

Absolutely sure that people who are saying it is scam etc. do not really ordered from this website a lot of times. Guys the website is working and its great. Most of the people selling there are on ebay and amazon too.
First - choose free shipping
Second - See item review from other buyers, never buy something without at least 10 customer reviews. They must be at 99 % given 5 stars
Third - See the seller review if it is less then 99 % avoid this guy
Fourth - buy it and never click the button received before you have tried your product. If you do not like it you can just say that you have never receive it and they will return your money back, also there are a lot of sellers who are giving the money if there gods are not working.
I have received my money back after sending a video to the seller that a car camera i bought got broken on the 2 week he asked me if i want new one or i want a refund, then he send me the full amount of money on paypal.
Look it will be all fine if you obey the rules i gave you.

Do not hesitate to ask me whatever you want i am posting this from my facebook so you can see that i am a real person, not some payed by aliexpress advertiser.
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