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rubbish - customer service is abysmal

I booked 2 rooms in Leeds via this site, and aftre making payment relaised that the wrong date had been booked. I contacted them straight away (computer had for some reason reverted my dates back from July to the following date in April), the girl I spoke to was extremely unhelpful and told me the costs which I had paid (£170) would be used as an admin fee for the error. I asked them to reconsider and after asking to speak to a manager, she reluctantly said she would try and help me.
I subsequently contacted the hotel who informed me that Aplpha rooms had indeed got the booking wrong as they had only booked one room when I had asked for 2! and they had transferred the booking for no additional charge. I have ended up paying an addition £61.
I have entered numerous support requests, all of which were ignored until I left a message on facebook demanding answers.
I would avaid this compant like the plague and use another booking site for your needs. I will never use them again, not if my life depended on it
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    Reply from Alpharooms

    Dear Samantha,

    I am disheartened that you have left such a negative review for us when I resolved this issue for you on the 16th April on Facebook.

    After you booked your hotel for the incorrect dates we contacted our providers and negotiated with them to reduce the charges if we re booked for the correct dates. We have received confirmation that they were both willing to do that and our CS department emailed all the details over.

    After you spoke to the hotel, who told you that we had only booked one room, you posted the question on Facebook. I was able to check your booking and confirm that the hotel was incorrect and that we had booked you a twin and a triple room for the dates you had wanted in April.

    If you do not feel you were helped in a satisfactory way please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relations team with any grievance.

    Kind regards,
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