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Very disappointing service and poor communication

We booked our hotel back in January with Alpharooms at a very good price.

3 weeks before we are about to travel we're told our chosen hotel was no longer available (even though we booked 5 months earlier) and offered a 'superior' alternative. Upon reading TripAdvisor and the Alpharooms website, customers reviews rated it much lower than our originally booked hotel.

After rejecting the alternative we were then told to search their suppliers website, we did and found 9 properties and asked if we could have options for each of these only to have a delayed response saying none were now available!

We then called to speak to an agent who said he would sort it all out and their supplier should 'meet us halfway' as it was their error, we offered to pay any difference. He would put the offer to them.

2 days later no response, emailed again, no response, called and was told that the supplier had responded (no-one had told us) rejected the offer and said it's either refund or cancel. No other hotel was available.

With the holiday only a 11 days away prices have rocketed for hotels and availability grew slimmer. We had no choice but to take a refund and was then told it would take 3-5 days - great - leaving us 6 days before we travel before we could book an alternative . Thank you Alpharooms.

Each response took at least 24 hours. Communication was poor and customer service was non existent. We will not be using Alpharooms again. For anyone that has already booked, just bear in mind, it's not actually confirmed!
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    Reply from Alpharooms

    Dear Mr Lawson,

    I am sorry about the experience you have had with, this is not our normal high standard of care.

    Unfortunately three weeks before you were due to travel we were informed by the supplier that the accommodation that you booked had in fact been over booked. The accommodation offered to you was offered by our supplier within their terms and conditions.

    We apologize for the delay in response to each of your communication. I have passed this to our Customer Service team to ensure that they review the amount of time it currently taking to respond to customer queries.

    Our apologies again for this unfortunate situation.

    Kind regards,
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