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Never told me that room hadn't been confirmed, have to call pay number!

Booked and was happy, received an email saying booking made with only the remainder of the balance to pay. Went to manage my bookings and there was no booking there, this means I had to call the pay number to enquire what was going on. I'm writing this as i'm on hold, again. Seems the hotel room hasn't been confirmed although that was not indicated on my email, some error occurred and they have to do it manually. If I hadn't checked manage my booking I would have been blissfully unaware that I actually accomplished nothing when I thought that I was fully booked and ready for our trip. There was no email sent to me indicating this and no means for me to use my "booking number" apart from calling the pay number. (5 more minutes pass) They have told me nothing is confirmed no flight either and that they have 3 days to do this, then they'll send an email. Looking at payments from my card they've taken only £25 so far. The email is wrong in many ways, saying i have paid the airline, I haven't, even the math is wrong!
Total cost: £929.13
Total paid: £15.15
Balance to pay: 01/10/2013 £195.99.

If problems occur the buyer should be informed, the information given to them should be correct and there should be a way to make inquiries other than a pay phone number, otherwise it looks as if they are being deliberately obtuse to generate phone income. However, I don't credit them with this being deliberate, that would take to much forethought!
I am out the money spent while on hold and i'll never be getting those 25 minutes of my life back!
Hopefully by tomorrow i'll know if I've actually booked a holiday. If not back to the drawing board, with anyone but alpharooms.
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    Reply from Alpharooms

    Dear Mr Austin,

    I am very sorry that your booking wasn't confirmed and you had to call us.

    Upon making the reservation the confirmation page notified you that the flight reservation was not confirmed as the flight reference number states NOT CONFIRMED, this is also the case on the booking itinerary that was sent to you. We endeavor to confirm all reservations within 72 hours and if we are able to do so confirmations will be sent to the customer. If we are unable to confirm the booking we contact the customer directly to explain the situation and talk through their options. As you called us within that period and in light of his concern we prioritized your booking and confirmed the booking for you over the telephone

    We apologise for any concern caused.

    Kind regards, team
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