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Before I start, I would like to say I have used Alpharooms before and had no problems whatsoever. This time however, was a very bad experience.

I planned a trip to Liverpool back in August to go and watch the football with my mates. Something we hadnt had the chance to do before as of the distance we live from the city. So I decided to book with Alpharooms as I have used them before on 2 occasions and had no problems as all.

I booked our hotel (The Liner @ Liverpool) and received confirmation straight away about our booking. I then received our accomodation vouchers a couple of days later when the full payment had left my account. I printed off our details and waited for the day of the match to arrive (oct 5th).

Saturday 5th October. We leave for our 4 hour car journey to Liverpool. We get to the Hotel around 2 hours before the match @ 3pm. so plenty of time to relax. We get to the car park, gather our bags and walk to the hotel reception with accomodation vouchers in hand. The receptionist asked for our reservation name and she looked through the system and found nothing. She then took our vouchers and proceeded upstairs to check thier offline records. She returned 10 minutes later and confirmed that the Hotel was fully booked and Alpharooms should have never have take our booking. Infact the Hotel fired off an Email to Alpharooms directly after our booking back in August telling them that the Hotel was full. But this information never got filtered back to us from Alpharooms. The only correspondance I had from them was an email a week ago, saying that 'your trip is only a week away', so we would never of guessed that there was a problem with the booking. The receptionist then rang Alpharooms where they continued to blame the hotel and vise versa. But Aplarooms took our money and left us with no acommodation. Alpharooms took my mobile number and said they would get back to me asap. We had an hour to get to the football, with no accomodation and all the stress of this going through our heads.

We were in the Taxi on the way to the match and I received a phone call from AR saying that they had found us another hotel and would you like us to book it for you. I replied 'yes, just get it done and send me a confirmation when you have sorted it.

10 minutes before Kick off I get another answerphone message saying I need to ring AR. Upon doing this, they tell us that they still have no accommodation for us. Byut this time im getting pretty irate. its now 5 mins before kick off and we still have no accomodation. So we tell AR to ring me after the football and only get hold of me when you have sorted something, otherwise I dont want AR ruining the football for me aswell. Half time I finally recieve a text message and answerphone message. The text confirmed we had accomodation booked at our original hotel (which was apparently fully booked only hours before). I also received a cheery message from AR saying ' Enjoy the football' and 'Have a good day'.......Which really hacked me off,as I havent been able to enjoy the match as we were in limbo and not sure we would have anywhere to stay. Not even an apology. Its safe to say that AR ruined my weekend and my first match watching my team play. I didnt enjoy the football as I couldnt relax and we couldnt have a drink because we didnt know if we would be driving home after the match.. Its safe to say, that I probably won't book through Alpharooms again. The Liner hotel staff however were very accomodating and professional in thier manor.
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    Reply from Alpharooms

    Dear Barrie Smith,

    Thank you for your review.

    Please accept our apologies for the difficulties you encountered whilst at the hotel. Every effort is made to resolve any issues you may have in resort and to keep every customer fully informed of all developments when searching for a resolution. We are glad we were able to assist and resolve the issues you encountered ensuring your stay in your original hotel and apologise for the difficulties you had upon arrival.

    Kind Regards
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