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It seems like Amazon UK is not interested in keeping their customers at all. I've never had issues buying from Amazon and I can tell, I'm buying every month. But recently, it looks like there's not that much left that you can buy from Denmark. They just don't ship to Denmark. I've tried to buy a Canon lens, no way, "change your address" they say. Sure, of course, like I'm gonna move just to be able to buy from Amazon?!?
Tried to buy a studio lighting set...same mess. They don't ship to Denmark.
Tried to buy an E-book. You can't buy this E-book from Denmark due to copyright restrictions! Are you kidding me?? an e-book??? I bought it from "Kobo" without any issues and it took two minutes!!! It's simply ridicolous!!
After 10 years as a customer, I have deleted my account from Amazon. If they don't want to sell, there're plenty of other ways and places to use my money in.
Amazon, you make me sick!
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