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Simply the worst customer service I have ever received.

For one, you can't even complain to them properly as their complaint form on their website has a 250 character limit and for some people it is impossible to use their phone line, especially if you have speech problems like me.

I ordered a present for a friend over a month ago and it never came. 2 weeks ago I emailed them on their crappy website and was told it had been sent, but they could either refund or resend it. I responded saying I would like it resent, and I never got a reply.

So here I am, over 2 weeks later with my friends birthday been and gone still trying to find a way to contact them. I had to research and find a customer service email address on the internet that isn't stated on the site, just so I could explain my situation properly.

I also can't find my order anywhere on my account - I don't even think it gives you the option to see what you've ordered! Even though it was apparently delivered to my house, I was never contacted about when it was dispatched and it certainly never showed up.

Absolutely ridiculous.
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