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Great detailed website

Very helpful, telephoned back as my newborn was desperate for a feed. Good information given when sorting advice and comparison of products. Overall, very happy with the service. Expected delivery time between 4-5pm was not accurate and unfortunately it arrived at 6pm as dinner was served on the table. There was only one man who managed to carry the drier in by himself and he was in too much of a rush to unpack and take away packaging. An extended warranty is offered when purchasing over the telephone, however, requesting bank account and sort code info was a bit pushy (even though payment wouldn't of been taken) for one month it should just be mentioned on purchase for us to re-contact if preferable. No real complaints though so thank you.
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    Hi Anonymous

    Thank you for taking the time to post a review and for providing your order number.

    I am delighted to hear how pleased you are with my colleagues in the Contact Centre. We do try and help as much as we can to find the right appliance for all of our customers and we are really good at finding out specific information. If needs be we will contact the manufacturer directly with anything we are unsure about and then call you back with the information.

    Thank you for your comment about our website. It is difficult sometimes striking a balance between not giving enough information and information overload. Your comments show that we are getting the balance right. We also have a compare products feature on the website.

    I am sorry to learn that the delivery was late and can appreciate the inconvenience that this would cause, especially with having a new baby as well. I can see that the four hour time slot on your order was two until six and that the driver delivered at about six minutes past six. It is most unusual for the drivers to be late and this has been fed back to our dedicated Quality Team. We have used Expert Logistics for several years now and found them to be most reliable and professional. I am not sure why there was only one man as each lorry should have a two man crew and I have started an investigation with Expert to get to the bottom of this.

    We carried out extensive research with our customers about what they valued most and the vast majority said that they valued our quick delivery and competitive prices more than anything else. In fact, unpacking came very low down the list and as a result we removed it from our services. The drivers will of course unpack if they are connecting the appliance and if they are asked at the property to do so.

    We are really proud of our Worry Free Plan and many customers have taken out a plan with us and been totally satisfied. I can appreciate that it may be a bit annoying if you are not interested in it and all my colleagues are trained to respect a customer's right to opt out.

    I do hope that you are pleased with Indesit tumble dryer as we have had some great reviews about it. It will certainly come in handy to dry all of those baby clothes.

    Thank you once again for all of your comments.

    Should you require any further assistance, we are open between 8am and 10pm daily to help you and can be called on 0844 3249222, or through an email to We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Kind regards

    Rupert Chandley
    Customer Advisor
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