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Disgusting company. I wish I could rate ZERO stars.

I've been waiting since last Thursday for a delivery being handled by APC, but today I had to chase it up with them.

Both the people I spoke to, at separate Depots, were disgustingly rude. They lied, cut me off while I was speaking, and hung up on me. I'd admit to it, if I felt that this was deserved, but I was simply enquiring about tracing my parcel.

The first woman I spoke to audibly sighed at me when I said "Hi, I'm trying to trace my parcel?" and after giving her my consignment number, she then snorted while asking "I assume you want a redelivery?"
After I said I would like to arrange that, she then said "Then ring the depot near you, this isn't for us to deal with," and hung up on me.

After calling back, and getting the number from somebody different, the next depot was even worse.

After asking about my parcel again, the man on the other end of the phone insisted that delivery had been attempted, and I had been left a card. Apparently, they couldn't deliver my order as they needed security codes to get through to my letter box.
How did they leave me a card without access to my letter box? Well, they hadn't actually, so there's lie number one, which I questioned. He then admitted smugly; "Well, it's hard to leave a card if we can't get in, isn't it?" to which I pointed out, that he just told me I was "carded" on their system.
After asking why he didn't just ring the buzzer so I could let him in, I was cut off and spoken over with this line; "Look, the driver was there at 3.11pm on Friday. He would have rang the buzzer, but couldn't get past the glass doors." (There's a buzzer street side, before all security gates. Another buzzer, before the glass doors, and my letter box is on the OUTSIDE of the glass doors, so no buzzer needed!)
I said that I was waiting in, and would clearly have heard it ringing, to which I got this obnoxious reply "Are you in tomorrow, how do you want to do this? We can attempt delivery tomorrow, but I don't know when, you'll have to ring back tomorrow, is that all?"
After giving this rude man my codes, and phone number to ensure delivery, he then just promptly hung up on me.

I've made a formal complaint with the people I ordered from, and they're going to review their usage of this company as their future couriers.

I hope nobody bothers using this company. Absolutely abysmal.
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