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Very disappointed with the product and service received

I bought a dishwasher from appliance city, a dishwasher i had spent over £500 on. After inspection i realised that the appliance actually had some loose parts to it, it is not something i expect from an appliance i have spent good money on. I did report this to appliance city and asked for a refund at this stage and raised my disappointment with them. I was advised that SMEG had to check the appliance. After Smeg investigation, they claim its meant to be like that and actually the problem has got worse. Serveral emails back and forth and phone calls, I am VERY DISAPOINTED to say that appliance city are doing nothing about it. From an online retailer who i thought had a good reputation for customer service- this is definately not the case. I would advise you to buy from any other firms and stay clear of this one! STAY CLEAR OF THIS ONE!
Regards a very angry and unhappy customer!
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    Reply from Appliance City

    We are naturally disappointed that you have been unhappy with the service you have received. We would like to take this opportunity to reply to your feedback.

    When you reported the issue with the door on the dishwasher, there was no mention of loose parts. We have no evidence either written or via the voice recording that you asked for a refund but required an exchange. We readily agreed to a direct exchange, this was subject to the reported fault being verified by a Smeg engineer. The subsequent engineer visit revealed the dishwasher was not faulty and fully conformed to manufacturer’s specifications. This was also confirmed by Smeg UK.

    We endeavour to provide a high level of customer service and always seek to resolve issues quickly and in a satisfactory manor. However, given the information from both the engineer and the manufacturer, we regret we were unable to offer an exchange or refund on this occasion.

    Please contact us should you wish to discuss the matter further.
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