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Warning on custom built desktop computers!!

The customer service and delivery are all fine but be cautious if you are purchasing a desktop computer built buy them.

Why? I hear you ask.

Well any part that they don't specifically state when designing the computer will be the cheapest generic, poorest quality parts in china. So poor in fact that they compromise the whole build and in my opinion could potentially be dangerous!

I feel that the power supplies that they install are so bad that they could catch fire. The power supply does not have the labels to show which factory built it. It could potentially be a cheap knock off.

Don't believe me? Check Toms Hardware for yourself. They put a 500w PSU in the machine and yes it blew. I changed it and checked out what they put in and there was no official label on the PSU it was also so light compared to proper 400w and 500w proper PSU's that I have spare. There was no UL number and it is illegal to sell a power supply in North America without this (I don't know about UK) I got this information about UL numbers from toms hardware website.

I purchased two further computers at the same time which I am now replacing the PSU myself because of this potential issue.
The RAM it works but is slow and cheap and does not even come with its own heat sink, the hard disk is a very cheap make. If you like very cheap parts then buy desktop computers from this company.

I’m new to this reviewing lark.
ok the service was very good pre-sales I can't fault em there. Was on holiday in Canada and they phoned us back to sort out some technical questions with the build and we got a reduced delivery price – they were going to charge us £30.00 delivery per computer but they reduced this to £51.06 for the whole order. (This was still expensive in my opinion but a minor detail)

Delivery was fine it was a year ago so I don't remember to well but I don't think I had any issues I don't remember about order tracking.
I didn't use their after sales help so I can't help you there.

I had no issues with the website and their price was good that’s what initially attracted me to them.
I can't help you on stuff like information on website, navigation as that is of no real consequence, I was able to do the order wasn't I?

Let me explain it to what I’m trying to say. If you are going to but a normal part e.g. keyboard, monitor, mouse, graphics card etc, these dudes are fine for that.
But if you want to purchase a custom built machine from them make sure the you know make and model of every part they are going to put in, so you are happy don't, leave anything out. Got it.

Just to clarify all of the above is my opinion and my experience take it or leave it. As I had to write this review I would not use them again unless they gave me such a good deal that I couldn't resist - money talks – but they ain’t building any computers for me ever again.

Further update – in fact due to Arbico complaining about my review I checked the RAM specs in detail which I ordered they where 3 x OCZ 1GB PC12800 DDR3 1600MHZ GOLD RAM. But they put in 3 x GEIL 1GB PC12800 DDR3 1600MHZ value RAM. I don’t think they expected me to check these this things because they have their sticker “warranty void if seal broken” so you can’t open up the computer and check the parts yourself.
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    Reply from Arbico Computers

    Hi Charlie

    We have looked into your order. You ordered the PCs on the 03/09/10 and we shipped them on 15/09/10 within 8 working days (i.e. earlier than promised). We did a free upgrade to a pre-noon delivery on your order and I assure you £20 inc. VAT per PC for an insured next day pre-noon delivery is reasonable.

    The main concerns stated above pertain to the power supply (PSU), memory (RAM) and hard drive (HDD).

    First, please contact us at 08456 252627 (option 2) or email us at and we will try to resolve any issues. As you have stated in your review above, you have not contacted our after sales support at all. Had you done so, you would have found us ready and willing to help resolve any issues that you had been having with the PC.

    All the PCs we sell come a full one year Return to Base Warranty as a minimum. We honour that warranty in all circumstances. Our warranty terms are very simple. Get the PC sent to our workshop and if it has a hardware fault, we will fix it for you free of charge.

    As for PSUs, we sell standard PSUs with some PCs and offer an option to upgrade to more powerful branded PSUs. All PSUs are purchased in the EU from EU distributors who have been selling PSUs for 15 years or longer. All PSUs imported to the EU have to meet EU regulations which I am sure you will agree do not allow for the import of any PSUs that are likely to catch fire. If you wish to replace the PSUs we would have happily done so if you had contacted us with your concerns at any point.

    Regarding the RAM, both Geil and OCZ are gaming brands and cost roughly the same. You are welcome to research this. As you state in the review, the RAM size and speed is exactly the same (1GB PC12800 1600Mhz DDR3) so there was no difference in price between the two brands. Furthermore the brand of the RAM was clearly stated (3 times in fact) on the invoice sent to you before and with the shipment. The invoice was sent by email as well as in paper format. We would hardly have done this if we were trying to hide the brand of the RAM.

    The HDDs we use are Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital and Hitachi all well-known brands. So I am not sure why you think we use cheap drives. I know that some competitors use refurbished, recertified and MDT (factory refurbs) but we have NEVER used them.

    Again please contact us if you have any issues and we will try to resolve them.

    Kind Regards

    Andy @ Arbico Computers Limited
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