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An ineptitude of service that I had previously considered impossible!‏

Here are the highlights:

Item purchased not as described on the website. (Bike should have included stabilisers)

'Customer Service' advisor unable to advise me if the item should even include stabilisers, despite the fact that he website states that it does!

Offers me an exchange, but cannot guarantee if the stabilisers will be included.

In the light of the above we therefore arrange for a collection and refund.

Courier arrives on the day of the collection during the two hour window they agreed
to avoid.

Courier fails to turn up the next day as agreed.

Argos refuse to accept any blame, refuses to refund the item until they have collected it and refuse to compensate for the fact that my wife has taken an additional day holiday from work.

E-mail sent to Argos asking for an immediate response.

Argos then send another courier on the wrong day to the wrong address.

'Customer Service' agent then advises that she cannot arrange a response to my e-mail as she does not work for that department and cannot possibly speak to that department, I will just have to wait!

Still no refund, still not collection and still no response from Argos over the catalogue of errors they have caused!

I have now e-mailed the CEO directly in the hope of receiving some form of resolution; here's hoping!

I will never, EVER purchase another item from Argos ever again and I would strongly recommend that you do the same!

If you ever feel like purchasing an item online, do yourself a favour and try Amazon!
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