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Are Ark going under? Probably...

I placed an order on 29th Dec.. Initially I had a problem with citi link as I tracked the item and the status was saying card left but I found nothing. Citi link said they tried to deliver it 3 times. They hadn't as I had not received anything. I continued to track and discovered 2 weeks ago the item had been sent back to the original sender. So I called Ark up and spoke to someone who advised he could see it being sent back and would send it out by Royal Mail the next day. 2 weeks later.. Nothing

I did give them the benefit of the doubt to start with and thought it was citi link who messed up. But I started to follow the comments on Facebook and the number of complaints were building. However yesterday I went to have a look and a number of comments were deleted. It was as if they couldn't handle the negative comments.

I looked again today and the whole page has now been deleted.

I paid by Paypal so have just put a dispute in to get a refund. Unfortunately I can see Ark going under. It's a shame as their clothes were good and I had bought from them in the past with no issues.

I gave them 2 weeks to redeem themselves but looks like they haven't been able to sort out this mess.

Sorry Ark.. But wouldn't be surprised if you go into administration.
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