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Disgraceful, dreadful, disgusting

~Most despicable service in the UK

This company is the epitome of the word ‘disgrace’. Their customer service is beyond disgusting.

They have a front call Asda Flowers which you all may mistake for a florist; however they are a vile bunch of cowboys and frauds.

I ordered flowers for Mothers Day (how unusual!) but to make sure there were no problems I ordered them for delivery a day early. They did not show up and by the time I got in touch with them on Mothers Day, they said they had posted the flowers! Actually posted them, letterbox and all!

The service I received from their customer service team on Mothers Day was pathetic, there was no assistance provided and the phone operator could not care less about the issue.

However did not bother to use special delivery to ensure they arrived on time, no my mother received them 2 days late!

What on earth are they doing posting flowers? Why on earth would a client choose to receive limp, dead flowers in a bashed box? Why do they even offer this service? What possible use could it have?

When the flowers arrived, as you can imagine, they were in no fit state for a gift; brown, bashed and broken. They were an atrocious mess and not fit for display. A waste of hard earned cash.

My father was so shocked by the state of the flowers he drove to an Asda store. The shop would not replace the flowers or refund the money so my father left them at the store. The staff within the store were extremely rude to him. He has written a complaint also.

I have written a number of complaints and neither my father nor I have received a response from this dreadful organisation.

So, what do you all think?

1. You pay good money for a service
2. Receive a terrible product which is unusable
3. Try to return it for a reasonable replacement and are rebuffed
4. Complain via phone and receive no help from their staff
5. Are treated rudely in store
6. Complain via their customer service email team and are ignored, time and time and time again.

Do you want to spend your hard earned cash there?

Does your mum deserve better than this? I know mine does.
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