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Got there in the end!

Ordered washing machine, with Nominated Day delivery and fitted + old one taken away.

To our peril we let our child be in and sign for the collection/fitting. On our return the Washing Machine they fitted was the wrong model. But at least they did delivery on the day/time originally nominated.

Fitting was dire, the washing machine was not levelled at all and needed re-fitting by us.

Now, onto the wrong model... The said they would replace it with the right one, within a week and we could use the wrong one until then. So after 4 seperate confirmations that the re-placement was on schedule (all of them after us calling them to be sure), by 6:30pm on the delivery day and still no replacement I contacted them once more, this time to be told that it would NOT be delivered that day (suprise suprise!) and worse still they had no idea what was going on or when we would receive the correct replacement.

Matters will be escalated to head office apparently, but so far the situation is still not resolved.

We at least have a working machine until the matter is resolved, but we've had to fit it ourselves (twice!) and its the wrong colour model than we actually ordered.

So as the (original) title says, a Shambles, but no-one died, and we can wash clothes until it's sorted.

Update: After a lot of confusion, and being told they would replace the machine, 7 days after the original wrong model was delays, the replacement delivery day comes and no delivery happens. Contacted ASDA again, and be told it would be next day. Next day comes, and still no delivery!! Contact them again, and be told actual item we ordered is out of stock!!! They would "escilate" the matter. Didntt they do this the first time when they told me it was out of stock???

3 days later they contact me to say a new one is ready and will be delivered Friday, but Friday is no good for us and I paid extra for nominiated day...

So they go away and ring back an tell me Saturday (which is ok for us).

So then on Wednesday before delivery, they phone me and tell me delivery will be on FRIDAY.

I tell them, ok, just deliver the thing I will arrange to have it collected...

Then on Thursday before delivery, they phone me to tell me collection will be on Saturday...

So i tell them they already told me delivery would be Friday...

And here the situation becomes clear! Delivery of new machine Friday, collection of wrong machine Saturday!

To be fair, they have now delivered the right machine (we are currently in possession of both the right one and the old one!) after finding stock specially (web site still says out of stock), and they did deliver us something on the original delivery date, so we werent stuck.

And they did phone me back as they said and get it sorted out (eventually).

There's just big breakdown of communication between ASDA direct, and the delivery company and whoever actually has the stock (ASDA do not sell the item, they are 3rd party so it makes me wonder why they are called ASDA DIRECT?).

Also we've had to fit, unfit, refit, unfit and fit again the wachine machines(s), ourselves. Even though we paid for fitting originally!

Still though a MUCH BETTER experience than my previous attempt to buy a washing machine (through Ultimate Appliances), who basically robbed me of my money and I had to claim it back from the bank!

So would I recommend them? Over Ultimate Appliances definetely! Generally? probably! Even though it was a bit of chaos, we got what actually ordered just was hassle we didn't expect!
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