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Never Again

I've never dealt with such incompetence in my LIFE!

First, an order I made with a 20% discount code was to be delivered by December 24th, which is great because I wanted it for Christmas. Oh! What's that you say? Your tracking info won't update and you can't locate your order? Oh - how convenient. So I contact customer service. They inform me that there's a technical issue with their tracking system and assure me the order will be here by the 24th - the latest. Oh! Going on the 28th. So needless to say, I didn't get this by Christmas.


I figure, maybe I'll get it on the 26th, you know - because of the holidays, and they have a few more nice items I like, let me get those. I've dropped $400 after this point. I select Express Shipping! I'll have something nice in time for New Years Eve because it will be here by Friday the latest. Wonderful! I checkout and go on about my business. I noticed, however, that I didn't get the dispatch email, so I check out my account on the 25th. STANDARD SHIPPING? Oh, ok. We're about this life.

I contact customer service, thinking it's a website glitch and maybe they can fix it within the 4 hour time frame posted on their site. 7 HOURS LATER I get an email saying, I didn't choose Express Shipping even though I entered in the promo code. So in turn my order won't be here for a MAX 8 business days. Oh, really? You think so? This in turn prompted my urbanista to come out full force, because there's nothing that pisses me off more than someone not taking accountability AND THEN saying it's my fault. I go on a email rampage.

I dig into this guy. At this point, I now know I'm not getting my stuff so I just go H.A.M. It is what it is, so lets do this. 5 HOURS LATER I get another response telling me that I didn't receive Express Shipping not because I supposedly forgot to choose it at checkout, but because I used a 20% discount code and I can't double codes up. WHAT? You mean the 20% I used with my PREVIOUS order? Now you guys are just being IG-NANT. So again, I have to correct these people - stop pointing the finger, get your facts straight, and find my stuff. NOW I take it to Facebook.

I unleash my discontent on their wall and receive the generic "PM me so I can help you" response. Ok, cool. Lets play this game - I LOVE games. I go through the motions again, explaining all the bullshit that's been happening. While I'm doing this I get yet ANOTHER email via ASOS. This time they tell me there is a TECHNICAL ISSUE with my form of payment (PayPal) which is why it did not take my request. But don't worry they're working on it and here's 10% and another Express Shipping coupon code. OH! The coupon code that WON'T WORK, ERGO OUR ISSUE AT HAND? Brilliant! Keep it up! I love it! HOW DOES THAT HELP ME?

Back to Facebook. Someone slips up and tells me who the courier service is. Oh! Let me contact them. I have to CALL BACK because the ONE person that handles Asos is out of the office. How convenient.

So, kids. $400 later I have nothing. No packages, no dresses, nothing for NYE, nothing for Christmas...ZERO! Now that I'm out of options - annoying these people is my current goal (lack of funds being my motivation) and will continue to annoy them UNTIL someone gives me my merchandise or my money. And frankly all I want right now is my MONEY!
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