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This company is shocking.. It was my worst ever online experience & I will most definitely not be a retuning customer.

Earlier this year I purchased a stroller. Delivery was prompt etc, no problems there. The problems were when I began using the stroller. The front left wheel was faulty & was very difficult to push whilst my toddler was sat in it. The hood didn't match the description on the website either.

I contacted Bambino Direct who arranged a collection so the manufaturer could investigate. This meant that I was left without a pushchair whilst the investigation was under way.

The pushchair eventually returned with a note from the manufacturer saying that the chasis had been realigned. I was not impressed, when I called Bambino Direct I told them I either wanted a brand new replacement or my money back.. Instead I get a repaired item, which was faulty in the first place!

Anyway.. Regardless of the 'chassis being aligned' the pushchair remained the same! I called Bambino Direct AGAIN and they arranged yet another collection so that the pushchair could be investigated by the manufaturer. Again I was left without a pushchair.

The pushchair came back from the manufacturer with a note saying that the problem I was reporting was from wear and tear!! As you can imagine I was furious, the pushchair arrived faulty in the first place and I had used the pushchair just a handful of times!

I called Bambino direct a countless number of times to get a refund.. They were not helpful in the slightest and always passed on the blame to the manufacturer, saying that they were the ones who made the final decision into any investigations made etc.

Clearly stated on the Bambino direct website is this:

Faults occurring within 28 Days of Receipt:
If any of our products develop a fault within the first 28 days we are happy to help you resolve the issue. Whether it's for repair or replace. Your statutory rights may allow refunds in specific instances, please call us if you need advice.

I contacted them on the day of delivery to advise them of the fault and they made the process very difficult, so difficult that I still to this day am lumbered with a faulty pushchair in my garage and no refund.

I read the reviews on here after my experience, and contacted Laura at Bambino Direct on the email address she had provided for the customers who had left negative feedback.. Laura promised all of the unhappy customers a quick resolution to their problems. I received no response.

Bambino direct.. If you are reading this, there is a faulty pushchair in my garage that could so with collecting. Many thanks.

Stay away from this company at all costs.
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    Reply from Bambino Direct

    Hi Rachel,

    I'm sorry to hear this. Do you have an order number so I can look into this for you? You can email me at

    Kind Regards
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