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Bathshop321 - A stressful purchase

The following letter of complaint explains what happened on my recent bath purchase...
"Dear Sir,
On receipt of goods the driver informed me that two of the bath legs had fallen out of the packaging but he had picked them up and put them back in the package. He said he had checked the van and there were no more loose items. I checked the area around the pallet for good measure. I found all four bath legs lying loose within the pallet. The connecting rods were in their cardboard box but the box was not secured to the pallet and was only loosely closed. On checking I could see bath legs, connecting rods, side panel, bath and glass screen, I signed for the package. The plumber, from XXXX, was booked in to install the panel today, 21st February.

During installation, the plumber informed me by phone mid-morning that screw threads for the legs were missing. I phoned your company who said they could send a replacement but they would not arrive today. As the work needed to be completed today, I authorized the plumber to purchase new ones from a DIY shop and informed your operator that if I did have to self-purchase I would be re-claiming the full cost of purchase. If I could have waited 24 hours, of course I would have done, but had no choice in the matter as the bath had to be installed on the pre-arranged day. Cost: £34.35 for a new leg set (attached). I therefore request a full refund this purchase.
Please be aware that if you feel able to refund me only the cost price of £20 (as informed by your Customer Service Manager by phone at 1630 by phone today), I will have no option but to reject your offer, and reclaim the outstanding money owed, with an additional £10 for administration costs, through the Small Claims Court. This, of course, is an action which I do not wish to pursue.
I also informed [Customer Services Manager] that there were no side panel clips delivered with the package. Again, not being a plumber, I would not have known to check to make sure these were present. The plumber will return at a later date to install these and I have agreed with your company for you to supply these by 24 hour courier. Thank you.
I briefed [Customer Services Manager] on the phone about the poor security of the small objects within the package and he was very pro-active in saying he would investigate the matter. It’s a shame that this sequence of events occurred because the rest of the package was well wrapped, and the service that I have received from Bathshop321 up to today has been very good.
Thank you for considering this complaint and request for expenditure and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Yours sincerely,
Richard Cooke"

The company refunded the £35 and the bath clips were delivered on time, as promised. Unfortunately, the bath tap was not working properly and had to be cleaned out, at my expense by my plumber. Overall, a frustrating purchase experience.
Edited to mention I'm impressed that 321 use Trustpilot - not afraid to hear the bad and ugly as well as the good. Tick.
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    Reply from Bathshop321 Customer Services

    Hi Richard

    Thank you for taking time to share your experience of

    It is clear on this occasion that there was an error on our behalf and we are completely sorry for this. We will be looking closely at similar items to ensure that this remains an isolated case.

    We hope the actions we have taken have rectified the situation with you and your bathroom installation can be completed as soon as possible?

    Once again we thank you for your feedback and hope you appreciate that we do encourage reviews and active feedback. is the same as any other growing company, we cherish your feedback so we can take the right steps for the future. From inception we have become acutely aware that when you send items of pottery and the like through the post, sometimes things can go wrong. Especially as we stock thousands of items.

    The team had already taken time to address this matter internally this morning, however they were not aware of the tap issue? We hope this is resolved now?

    Finally thank you for your custom, we apologise for your frustration should you have any further requirements then please do not hesitate to contact the team.

    Customer Services

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