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Defeat from the jaws of victory - Damn your T's&C's

For those of you have read the reply from David the ecommerce manager please be assured that throughout the whole episode I was nothing but courteous and only threatened to speak to my solicitor after a week of silence. i could care less about the £95.00 that I am out of pocket, it does gall me though to be referred to their disclaimer about not booking a plumber to do the work until all the goods had arrived and been checked. I actually delayed the install by more than a week to be sure everything was their and even then the wrong support feet had been sent. David just when would it have been okay to book the services of a plumber? You guys just don't get the point that your service was poor, compounded and made worse by the wrong goods being dispatched and then taking over a week to respond. How is any of that your customers fault?

The matter is well and truly closed I had considered using you again but after this intervention by the e commerce manager I no longer will.


Ken Reidy

We ordered a Sorea bathroom suite from Bathshop 321 on the 1st February and arranged for delivery to take place on the 16th. The delivery duly happened at 8.00am on the day, an excellent start. The delivery driver advised me to check the goods and notify Bathshop of anything missing or damaged within three days. I unpacked the bath and realised that there were no bath support feet on the pallet. I notified them at 11.18am that same morning. Customer services responded and asked me to fill out their online page relating to customer returns even though I had nothing to return, just protocol I guess.
Customer services staff was helpful and efficient and arranged for the bath support feet to be sent to me by courier within a couple of days. The plumber came on the weekend of the 2nd March to install the new suite having already attempted to do so on the weekend of the 23rd Feb until he realised and pointed out that the feet that had been sent were for a straight bath not a p-shaped shower bath. This meant he couldn’t install the bath so he fitted what he could and we had to order a replacement set of feet whilst the plumber was stood down. The new feet arrived on the 6th of March and the plumber fitted the bath on the 7th March.
So far it sounds as though Bathshop had done a good job but I have not yet told you about the fact that the bath was 50mm over the width that we thought it would be. Bathshop at their expense offered a better bath for the Sorea suite than was originally advertised which was great. They didn’t make it abundantly clear that it was 850mm wide rather than the 800mm wide we specifically ordered to fit in the bathroom and still allow for the door and shower screen door to open without hitting one another. There was no mention in the text that the replacement bath was wider. To give them some credit in the specification drawings of the bath it did state the size there on a drawing but you had to increase the screen magnification by 150% or more to read this faint PDF. When I pointed this out to Customer service agreed. They compensated me £25.00 for my inconvenience this was a gesture as it was going to cost me much more than that to reverse the bathroom door which is what I was required to do so that it didn’t hit the shower screen every time someone opened the bathroom door.
When the plumber finally left he gave me his bill which was £95.00 more than quoted because of the lost days incurred by Bathshop who failed to deliver the support feet then delivered the wrong ones. I had pointed this out to Customer services via e-mail when they arrived on the 6th March as the plumber had already told me that in man hours we’d effectively lost him a whole day’s work. Customer service did not respond.
Over the course of the next few days I had tried to get a response from Customer service or Bathshop 321 and I did but only after I quoted the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and The Distance Selling Regulations 2000 and threatened to speak to my lawyer. Customer services whose hands are tied in the matter of consequential damages, finally came back to me on the 13th March and referred me to their Standard Terms and Conditions. I pointed out to him that their T’s&C’s had no bearing on my rights as a consumer but Customer service simply said he couldn’t do any more about it. In short the purchase process is easy, the web site is good and the product is fine albeit the wrong size, even their remedies in terms of speed to rectify the issue of the missing/wrong feet were admirable but please take note that if they are in the wrong and it costs you money they will hide behind the terms and conditions. This is why I am writing this review. Defeat from the jaws of victory Bathshop. I feel that when you needed to show good customer service you failed and more to the point you put your staff in an awful position whereby they can see the cusotmers point but you make it impossible for them to do anything about it.
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    Reply from Bathshop321 Customer Services

    Hi Ken

    Thank you for taking time to share your experience of As you will appreciate every little bit of feed back is always appreciated, it helps us grow as a company and raise our already high standards.

    Our terms and conditions reflect a trading environment as stipulated by the acts you quote (Sale of Goods Act 1979, The Distance Selling Regulations 2000 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982) and the best practice to service our customers. They have also been written to avoid massive bodies of arduous text that probably never get read and have been complimented for their succinct manner.

    You will be pleased to know that our terms and conditions are constantly subject to review and have been written to actually mean something and be of use to all who read them and subsequently agree to them at the point of purchase. Especially the disclaimer at the bottom that quotes:

    "DISCLAIMER: We strongly recommend that you do not book a tradesman until you have received our goods and checked they are in perfect condition. Any modifications of products will invalidate the warranty. We will not be held responsible for any delays in delivery once the item has left our warehouse. Should there be damage to your goods then our liability for losses you suffer as a result of this is strictly limited to the purchase price of the product you purchased. We are not responsible for indirect losses which happen as a side-effect of the main loss or damage and which are not foreseeable by you and us (such as loss of income or revenue, loss of business, loss of profits or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, waste of management or office time)."

    We take our responsibility seriously to operate in a manner that upholds the law and protects the contract of sale that we enter into with our customers.

    As with any honest business we do not feel we should be backed into a corner to give refunds for fear or threat of negative comments.

    Our team works hard to fulfil what our customers want. That said when things do go wrong we learn, rectify and strive to get things right. On occasion in the past we have found it possible that (due to the ample packaging that baths are dispatched in) customers have on occasion missed the leg pack of baths.

    The fact you were sent an incorrect replacement leg pack, is unacceptable and we will be taking positive steps to rectify this issue.

    We have also identified the need to sharpen up our internal communications as a couple of communications you sent were not answered as promptly as we would like due to staff annual leave.

    We hope you enjoy your bathroom and we now see this matter as closed.

    David Kitchenham
    Ecommerce Operations Manager

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