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Budget Price - Budget Product

I don't mean to be too harsh in the heading as the price of the suite recently purchased was very good, delivery was excellent and in the main, having chosen the premium finish, the product is very nice.

What did let it down was though:

The runner board supporting the bath was twisted. This meant that when fitting the feet that the bath was not sitting level (not just requiring a tweek of the feet, but serious improvisation).

The wooden blocks around the brim of the bath for attaching brackets to mount to the wall again were bonded in a crooked fashion. This again caused issues when fitting the bath.

Not wall/floor fixings provided for fastening the toilet to the floor or sink to the wall.

No bath panel clips provided for attaching the bath panel to the bath. NOTE: I found these extremely hard to buy on their own and only found them in a plumbers merchants odds and sods box.

The 'chrome' effect shower head mount and overflow outlet in the sink very soon go a dull colour.

Mostly things that maybe a professional would easily overcome but as a competent DIYer it delayed the job, cost a few more quid than expected and just took the shine (forgive the pun) off the finished product.
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    Reply from Bathshop321 Customer Services

    Hi Steven

    You are not being harsh at all. All feed back is greatly received as it helps us grow and support our customers. However on this occasion I would have contacted our bathroom experts and they would have been able to guide you through all of the challenges you have raised.

    Where necessary this could have meant replacing the bath and expediting replacement panel clips to you. (These are normally found attached to the back of the panel).

    In relation to the hardware to secure the toilet and basin to their respective surfaces. It is an industry standard to not send these fittings. Only due to the complexities of the actual installation space. One set of hardware would be ideal for say fixing a basin to a stud partition wall , but would not be ideal if that wall is of brick construction. Likewise the hardware required to secure a toilet to the floor varies as well.

    As you explained in your review a professional would easily overcome these minor challenges but it does highlight how specifications can change from one bathroom to another and for potential customers, who are not as blessed with competent DIY skills, should perhaps enlist a professional. Or at the very least call our bathroom experts for some free advice. It can save some hardship in the long run.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and for your valued custom. If you require further assistance then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Once again than you for your order.

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