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I placed my order on 15/1/13 for a bathroom suite "Tetragon Cubic Contemporary".

It was delivered a few days later. From day one we had problem flushing the toilet. I have spoken to sales / customer support on a number of occasions and provided all the information they requested including pictures. This took them a couple of months.

In the end they have given phone number of the manufacturing company rather than resolving the problem themselves.

Worst customer support. You would be lucky if the product work first time.

I would advise not to buy from this company at all.
    Bathshop321 Customer Services
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    Reply from Bathshop321 Customer Services

    Hello Mr Haroon ,

    Thank you for posting your review of bathshop321.

    As you can imagine your review has caused me concern as this is certainly not the level of service that we provide our valued customers.

    I have looked at the correspondence between yourself and the customer services team and do believe that your review is unfair after I have looked at the emails and the time delay of those emails being answered by yourself, The customer service team have also had difficulty in reaching you by telephone which I do understand you are busy and working yourself.

    I have also looked at the issue you have reported and it looks like the rods have been cut to short and that is why the cistern has not been flushing.

    The manufactures have a technical team that were able to help you and explain how to adjust the rods and was easier for them to explain to your plumber rather than through ourselves on this occasion.

    As a gesture of goodwill on this occasion I have organised a replacement cistern for you. Please call our logistics dept at your nearest convenience to arrange a delivery date.

    Please liaise with myself directly should you have any further issues.

    Kind regards

    David S

    Bathshop321 team
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