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First delivery damaged, second delivery I was told wrong day, still waiting on bath. Oh and poor quality of service.

I'm going to start with the positives. First of all the quality of the goods I have received are excellent and reasonably priced. I have no complaints about the goods at all.

Ok, now for the negatives. First of all I put my order in for a full bath suite over 2 months ago. I was told at the time there was a delay in when the bath would be delivered, by about 6 weeks. This was not a problem as I was happy to wait.

I arranged time off work to in order to put in my new bath suite, although with about a week to go I was told that there was a delay on the bath and it would be delivered on/around 10/06/13. Although frustrating I agreed that this wouldn't be too much of a problem. I arranged for my goods to be delivered in two parts, sink, toilet etc in the first, bath second.

My first delivery arrived only to find that the toilet was smashed into many pieces. In fairness when I spoke to Bathshop321 they said another would be despatched as soon as possible. On the Monday I spoke with Bathshop321 and was told that the delivery was due that day. I stayed in all day and received nothing. I rang back on Tuesday to inform them I still hadn't received it. I was told that I had been told the wrong day and would be delivered on the Tuesday, which thankfully it did, undamaged.

I was told at this time that the delivery of the bath had been further delayed and wouldn't arrive at my home until 25/06/13 which was totally unsuitable as I had already started work on my bathroom. I had to get the tilers to work around the issue and now have a half tiled bathroom with my old bath in it. I had to cancel the plumber completely.

Today is the 24/06/13. I rang this morning to ask if the delivery was due to arrive tomorrow (as I had to book off time at work). Sadly I am told this delivery is now not due until 08/07/13. I was told that someone had tried to contact me last week to inform me, but I didn't receive a call/voicemail.

During my contacts with Bathshop321 I have been very disappointed with the level of service. I am never kept up to date with changes to the delivery dates, I only find out when I ring them (although I'm always told they tried to ring me). My wife and I have felt as though they are rude and treat you as a pain or an imbecile. It is always the blame of the suppliers... This may be the case but that shuldn't be my problem, it is their's. I entered into agreement with Bathshop321 not the suppliers.
If it was my problem, I would be contacting them several times a day to ensure that the order - or at least part order were delivered on time. Its Bathshop321's image that is being deteriorated, not the suppliers and not mine.

The only solutions that have been offered are that I could order a different bath, wait or cancel my order.

I was prepared to cancel my order around the 12th of June and said I would only continue with my order if they could guarantee the order would be with me by the 25/06/13. I was told that the order was definitely due in on that date so I proceeded with my order. Fool.

If I wanted a different bath I would go to a different company that would deliver on time.

The only option I have is to wait. I will update you as and when I finally receive my order (which will be at the earliest - 1 month late) not great when I paid for the goods 6 weeks in advance.

David, thanks for your apologies, I will put them with the others I have previously trecieved from bathshop321. Unfortunately apologies aren't really helping.

A couple of points - I certainly have not received any calls at any time to update me with delays. All updates have been when I have called. My point remains the same: the goods I have received are fantastic, no complaints there. The customer service received (or nit received) has been very poor. I note that I am not the only reviewer to mention this, and suggest it is an area worth looking into.

Also, you may wish to note that another bathshop have started selling these baths in the last week and have them in stock delivering in 3-7 days at a cheaper price. <external link removed>.
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    Reply from Bathshop321 Customer Services

    Hello Jamie,

    Thank you for taking the time to review our company.

    I do apologise on behalf of the company for your situation regarding the bath and the toilet you recently purchased from us.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience that has delayed fitting of your new bath; we have been badly let down by our supplier on this range of baths. We have these baths made especially for but the issue we have is there is an 8 week lead time and due to the product being more popular than we envisaged we were left being unable to supply.

    We tried to rectify this situation by going to a British bath manufacturer to make these baths so to cut down on the lead time, waiting time. We do realise this is not your problem but have tried to keep the customers informed of this situation. I am personally aware that one member of staff has contacted all customers to keep them up to date on the information we have received from the suppliers.

    When we were aware of these issues we changed the listing on the website to inform at point of sale that we had supply issues and the only option we had with the clients who had ordered and were waiting was to offer a refund, a change to a different bath or to wait for the bath.

    This has been a isolated case due to the product which meant we haven’t been able to offer a alternative product in this case, I do personally apologise regarding this situation but please rest assured the baths are on their way as informed today by one of our sales advisor's and the minute we have your bath we will contact you and arrange delivery asap.

    Kind regards

    David S

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