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Delays in receiving working parts


-Friendly customer services with long opening hours
-No telephone maze, before being able to speak to real person
-Continuity of communication with staff


-A slow line of communication between Bathshop321 and supplier resulting in delays
-A delivery/dispatch/courier problem resulting in a week delay for delivery of a replacement part

Overall, I would not actively discourage friends from using Bathshop321. I think they did a reasonable job of troubleshooting and I suspect the real problem was with their suppliers.

What happened:

We ordered a shower, shower door, shower tray and a set of bath taps from Bathshop 321. Unfortunately the bath taps contained a faulty part and it resulted in a delay of about a week for the correct part to be delivered, despite twice being told on separate occasions that the part would come the next day. Two parts were dispatched to us: the first was supposed to arrive the next day. After about 3 days of waiting, it was reported that the courier had lost the part. As there would be no one in during office hours to sign for the delivery, the second part was sent by Royal Mail. This probably took three days from the request being made to the part arriving. However, this was hard to tell for certain, as both parts arrived eventually, both via Royal Mail. All in all this gave us and our plumber a bit of a headache and we ended up being very tight to a deadline.

I suspect the delays were due to email, rather than a phone connection Bathshop321's suppliers and a defective dispatch process from the suppliers.

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    Reply from Bathshop321 Customer Services

    Hello Henry,

    Thank you for taking the time to post a review.

    The positives you mention are first-rate but it was the cons that concerned me more.

    Firstly I would like to apologize to you on behalf of Bathshop321 for being let down by our tap supplier in this instance, 99% of our products are in stock and on the rare occasion that this is not the case, we will ask our supplier to send the product direct to yourself.

    After being on holiday for the past two weeks myself, I have spoke with the supplier and they have informed me it was down to the courier and not with themselves directly. I am sorry for the inconvenience this caused you.

    Thank you for your recommendation of your friends to shop with us here at Bathshop321 and we hope to hear from you or one of your friends soon.

    Kind regards

    David S
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